Meet Marcus B.: Volunteer in the Family Theme (TBA)

Name and Major:  Marcus B. major transfer student at four year I will become a physical therapist.

The topic of Family and family service is important to because I could have been a at risk youth. I have seen growing up how these children and be forgotten about or throw by the waste side. 7000 kids drop out a day how do we aspect our country to grow when the further of our family is dropping out of high school at alarming rate. I hope to become an athletic trainer so I want to help youth stay fit and to get fit. I might coach with my old AA team ICP I have been meaning to become a mentor to youth.

Remember me: Dread head father of two plus on the way.

Questions for my research and writing this term:

  • At what age do parents have to the most influence on their children?
  • 7000 youth a day drop out, what is this going to mean for our future? And what does this mean about the parents?

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