Meet John DeArmon: Volunteer at Community Supported Everything

JohnBioPicMy name is John DeArmon and I am at PCC to earn a transfer degree to get into a 4-year college and major in Physics. This term, I will be focusing on the theme of “resource abundance/scarcity” for my writing. So many of the problems in this world are issues of people who lack resources, from food, to clean water, to housing, etc. And many times the problem is not that the resources are scarce, but that the system is set up so that people hoard what they have rather than share it; there is unfair distribution of resources.

I will be working with the group Community Supported Everything to try to make a change in that mindset. By getting neighbors to talk about what they have to share/offer, and also what they need, we are trying to spread the distribution of resources, so that people aren’t fighting to defend what little they have, but realizing that together, we have a lot. CSE’s website is here.  There’s also a facebook page for it.

If there are any questions I want to answer from volunteering/writing about this theme, they are:

1. How can we get neighbors to talk to each other, about what they need from the community, and/or have to offer to it? How can we get people to come out of their individualistic shells?

2. Can the model that CSE is implementing here in NE Portland actually work to improve things on a larger, state/national/international level? Or is that too idealistic?

Stay tuned to find out.


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