Meet Daryn Juhl: Volunteer at a Community Garden in Lihue

DJuhlBioPicYour name (first and last OR just first and a last initial) and major.

Daryn Jesse Juhl, Associates of Science, eventually transfer to University ( Major ideas: Health & Fitness or Biology)

A few sentences about the THEME you’ve chosen for your writing this term and why this theme is important to you:

My theme is health and wellness, and like I said in part 1, the community garden here in Lihue is about feeding the local low income families, which hits close to home for me, and teaching them valuable knowledge about how to cook and prepare the organic food. Im very into health and wellness and think it is extremely important to be physically happy in order to lead life to the fullest extent.

A brief introduction to your community partner and the work you hope to do there AND a link to the organization’s web site.

  • The garden is connected to a food pantry through St.Michaels Episcopal church. The produce from the garden goes straight to people in need, and its great because in today’s world it seems like organic food is more expensive. This gives low income families the resources to eat healthy, non genetically modified, organic produce. Not only does the garden provide the food, but one of our volunteers also does cooking demonstrations and gives out recipes to teach the food box recipients how to cook the food, and make it taste just as good as something store bought.

List 1-3 questions you want to answer or things you want to learn more about within your community THEME through your volunteer work and the class.

1) How many other food banks or community gardens are on the island?

2) Where are the local farmers markets, and organic food sold?

3) How many low income families on the island, not just in Lihue, are receiving food boxes.




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