Meet Maggie M: Volunteer with the Beaverton City Library (pending)

Name and Major: Maggie M. Library Media Assisting/AAOT

MaggieBioPicI chose Education as my theme, because I think that it is the most important element in creating positive change in society. If we are inadequately educated, we are incapable of making the critical and future-oriented decisions that matter. We can be manipulated by political or financial systems that may not benefit us. Without education we are nothing because everything we know in life comes from the teachings of others. This simple fact connects us all. With the value of our education continuing to decline in the United States, I feel that education as an “issue” should be at the forefront of our concern.

The Beaverton City Library is Oregon’s second busiest in the state. Serving a surrounding community of 90,000+ the library offers an incredible collection of books, movies, music, videogames, computers, free community and cultural events, classes, workshops and many other resources and services.


  • What kinds of people in my community are using the library and to what extent?
  • What books/media/services are the most popular?
  • Are there other functions of the library that I’m not aware of?

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