Meet Nicole C.: Volunteer at the Goddard Center

Name: Nicole C.

Major: Associate of Arts/Oregon Transfer

I grew up very active and was involved in every sport. Now, I am not as active as I once was, but still remain healthy and work out as much as I can. Because health has always been major theme in my life I’ve chosen my writing theme to be Health and Wellness.

I will be volunteering at The Goddard School for early childhood development ( Very rarely do children know what being healthy means. My goal is to inform children how important it is and ways they can stay healthy. This can range from washing their hands after they use the bathroom and before they eat to getting outside for exercise.

Some questions I have and would like to learn more about include:

  1. What are we feeding our children?
  2. How often and how long do children get to play outside?
  3. Are parents teaching them healthy habits?

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