Fast Food Isn’t That Fast! (by Guest Blogger Kayla Arnot)

Read more about the author here. This post is based on the community work and writing that the author has been doing in WR 122 at Portland Community College.  The piece of public writing is loosely based on a research question and research collection the author developed.  The public writing is a chance to use one’s writing to become part of the larger community dialogue about issues in the chosen theme.

Author’s Note:

Throughout this project I learned and realized how many different views and opinions there can be to just one topic. I have never thought about doing much public writing until now. I’ve learned that it is important to get your voice out there because someone is always interested in what others have to say. Go check on your favorite blog once a week and either post something or respond to post soy you can be heard and keep up with your interests.


The Writing:

KaylaPostPicWhy is fast food a number one option for us when we are on the go? We all know and see how obesity has affected the US and how much it is a problem. It is also widely known that fast food IS NOT healthy for you. In reality making a quick sandwich or wrap from home is quicker than any fast food because you don’t have to wait in line to pay and get your food.


It seems on every street corner there is a fast food restaurant to stop at and pick up a snack. There are times when you didn’t know you would be out so long, or you may just not have time to make a healthy snack or get a healthy alternative from a sit down restaurant. The United States population as a majority relies on fast food way too much. It is clear that obesity is a major problem, but we seem to ignore that and not be concerned with our health. On, there is an article titled, “Food Documentary Discusses Hunger” and it talks about the healthier food such as fruits and vegetables is usually more expensive and the processed, unhealthy food is typically cheaper. This brings in the topic about how money and the economy are affecting this issue. While many of us have access to those healthy foods, many others don’t and sometimes fast food and other unhealthy food is all they can afford. When looking for your next meal, it comes down to convenience, time and money. If you have the money, time equipment to do so, then fast food should be a very last resort. Try planning ahead and making a quick sandwich before you leave for the day.







  1. Ashley

    It seems like you really did your research and obtained really good information. It makes sense, we all know that fast food is unhealthy and it’s one of the main factors of obesity yet it’s majority of society’s go-to food source. I also believe it’s all about time management. Everybody is so busy with their lives that no one really takes the time to plan things out.

    Are there more than one source you’ve researched from? Was your project posted on a blog or did you write a letter to anyone in particular?

  2. Elita Bowman

    Great job on your theme and research. I believe we all should be aware of how unhealthy it is to eat fast foods and this is a large factor in obesity in this country. You might want to ask yourself some probing questions regarding your subject matter that might help break out things you would like to answer within your writing. What alternatives are available instead? There are many factors related to eating healthy and by asking these questions you will have a great acticle or blog that can inform your readers.

    Are you going to expand your blog? Are you planning to continue your research?

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