Meet Matthew Lewis: Volunteer at Angel Tree

MattBioPicName: Matthew Lewis

Major: Pastoral Ministry/Biblical Theology

Theme: Family/Family Services

Importance of Theme to Me: As a man who is going into pastoral work, I believe it is important to understand that the structure upon which all communities are built is the family. Especially important for me, is that the family is the microcosm of the local church. The Church needs love, grace, forgiveness, good leadership, purpose, mission and resources to be built up well. So do families. The Church is an imperfect and often times messy entity, full of broken, hurting and needy people. So are families. The Church needs to be unified and centered upon what is good. So do families. It goes on and on. I want to work with people and help them to personally develop and I want to enjoy sincere and raw relationships with others whom I seek to serve.

Intro to Community Partner and Work I hope to do: My community partner is Prison Fellowship and I hope to mentor a young boy named Jake through them. I would like to spend time playing basketball with Jake, getting to know Jake’s family, and meeting physical service needs that I learn his family could be blessed by.

Community Partner Website:

Three Questions I am hoping to explore:

1. What is an appropriate level of personal involvement with another family that promotes health for that family?

2. What are some of the best ways to empower other families to build themselves up in a healthy manner?

3. What are the greatest common areas of struggle for modern families in our society and how can they be battled?





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