Meet Jeremy Frank: Volunteer at Health Care at Foster Creek

JeremyBioPicMy name is Jeremy Frank and my theme for the term is end-of-life issues. I have watched my grandfather go through the stages of Alzheimer’s and I’ve seen my other grandfather go through heart bypass surgery and a heart-transplant. My wife is a nurse at a long-term care facility and we regularly discuss some of her sadness and frustrations with the system that is in place for caring for seniors and the infirmed. I will be volunteering at Health Care at Foster Creek, where my wife is a nurse, and I hope to simply better the quality of life for some of the residents.

Here is a photo of my grandfather, Maynard Frank, as he completed boot-camp and became a sailor in the U.S. Navy. He died in 1998 after having undergone a heart transplant in 1993.

Three questions I would like to answer as I explore this theme winter term are as follows:

1. How can we improve end-of-life care here in the US?

2. What is the ideal role of a family in end-of-life care?

3. Would advancing the discussion of aging and death help erase the disconnect between those in assisted-living and the public?


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