Meet Ariel Larson: Volunteer at Kaiser Permanente

arielbiopicMy name is Ariel Larson and I am currently finishing my final term of my Associate’s Degree in Business Management while starting to work on my Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies.

I will be writing about health and wellness as my focus this term because I have grown more and more concerned while battling my own misfortunes in the past few years. These misfortunes have affected my life completely and I want to find out about the perspectives other people have and see if we are on common ground or if there is a huge difference in opinions.

I have not yet determined where I will be performing my community service project, as I am still considering different options and types of volunteering interactions as well. I have considered volunteering with Kaiser Permanente, and I have also considered volunteering in physical education classes in elementary schools, as well as community sports programs.

I want to learn more about the direction of health in schools as well as the different concerns and opinions my fellow classmates have about the health care programs in this country and whether or not a united health care system would be beneficial or harmful.


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