Meet Molly Tyler: Volunteer at the Feral Cat Coalition OR Animal Aid, Inc. (pending)

MollyBioPicMy name is Molly Tyler and I am in the process of learning my AAOT (Associates of Arts Transfer) at PCC. This isn’t an art degree; it really just means that I will have all pre-requisites done to be accepted as a junior at any Oregon school of my choosing (theoretically).

I am choosing to focus on the theme of face-to-paw volunteering with animals this term. I’ve spent a lot of time volunteering with children and families, so I wanted to try something new for my community based writing class. I am hoping to either volunteer with Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon or Animal Aid, Inc. Their organization websites are listed below.

My main question that I would like to seek out the answer for this term is:

Will I be able to gain the trust of animals who may have been abused or neglected? I hope that the answer is yes, I want to volunteer my time with them, asking only trust in return.



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