Meet Mandy Alexander: Volunteer at Berry Bright Preschool

MandyBioPic1Hi, my name is Amanda “Mandy” Alexander. I haven’t majored in anything yet, but I am working on the prerequisites to get into Nursing School right now. The theme I’ve chosen to write about this term is “Education”. This is important to me because I love kids, and what better area is there to work with kids than in a school of some sort?

My little sister used to go to a preschool named Berry Bright, and I would volunteer there once or twice a week if I could. The work I did then consisted mostly of cleaning up after the kids and entertaining them at class parties and answering the phone when the other teachers couldn’t; I imagine I would do much the same now as I did then.

This particular theme is something I am already very familiar with, so I guess the only questions I have now would be along the lines of the following:

  • What can the teachers at Berry Bright teacher me about kids?
  • What can the kids teach me about themselves? 

With any luck, I’ll have these answers in a few weeks.


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