Meet Kayla Arnot: Volunteer for the Southridge High School JV Basketball Team

kaylaBioPicMy name is Kayla Arnot. I am currently a senior in high school but I am graduating early so January is my last month of high school. I am taking PCC courses to get ahead for when I go to Oregon State in the Fall of 2013. When I go to OSU I plan to do a double major and major in International Business and finance.

For my theme, I’ve chosen the health and wellness field. I chose this because I feel that health is really important in our society today and its something very positive to promote. Health and wellness is important to me because I’ve always had an interest in multiple sports and being healthy, so I want to give back and share that with my community.

For my community service, I will be assistant coach for the JV basketball team at Southridge High School.


  • Where can I find a list of organizations in the Portland-Metro area that offer community service/service learning activities?

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