Meet Gabriel Gils Carbo: Volunteer at WWW.SPARKED.COM

My name is Gabriel Gils Carbó, and I’m a business transfer major. I chose the Technology theme for the assignment for a number of reasons. From a personal point of view I’ve always been interested in Technology. Technology, and the idea of what GabrielBioPictechnology is, is something that is a primarily Human endeavor. I’ve worked in various Technology related jobs over the years, and depending on the focus, it’s something that I’m both passionate and knowledgeable, and something that I can use to contribute to the community.

I will be working for . is a website where community organizations can ask for help in resolving a vast array of issues. As a volunteer helper you can create a profile, fill-in your skill-sets, and then the website matches you with help requests on the site. You’re then free to browse the various help requests and select ones that you’re interested in and work on whatever the request was. I hope to be able to provide help on a number of different subjects such as web development, project management, or software development.

Here I’m standing next to one of my favorite wines from Sonoma.

My three questions to explore this term:

  • How prevalent is the need for virtual volunteers?
  • Will I be able to find a volunteer opportunity for a geographically-local community?
  • Will I be able to learn from other volunteers or does the site keep things compartmentalized?


  1. Everyone is so busy these days… is it a matter of ‘convincing’ people to volunteer? Is it a matter of marketing to the right demographics? An interesting topic for sure. I’ll have to check out

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