The Need to Address the Dangers of Animal Hoarding (by Brittnie Gartner)

Dear Barbara Jackson,

I am writing to you today asking about some of the laws that are current issues within the United states. This issue is about the fact that there are so many people in society that are clearly over their limit on the number of animals that they are able to properly care for. I believe that these laws should clearly be gone over in depth and seriously consider be revised.

There are some places in the United States that have been revised and there is a limit on the number of animals an individual may have, but the laws they have written do not entirely make sense when they are applied to every person, no matter their income of ability to properly care for animals. Having clear laws about this issue would be appreciated by all, especially those working in any type of animal fields.

Another point to this suggestion is the fact one of the largest reasons there is so much animal abuse and neglect, is because these animals are never checked up on by an outside source. There should always be someone out there to reinforce animal laws, when there is constantly someone out there to reinforce all other laws.

I believe that there should be a strong revision on these laws when it comes to the fact that income and stability should be a leading role in the number that one is allowed to have in their household. This is an always will be an ongoing issue in the United States and almost everywhere else. There is an extremely high number of animals in rescues and shelters and I feel that if these animals were to be looked over by an outside source, this would not be the case. I also believe that there should be a limit to the number of animals one can have, depending on their income and stability.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and take my thoughts into consideration. I look forward to hopefully seeing some changes arise later on, revolved around this issue.


Brittnie J Gartner



Research collection based on the following question: Should there be a limit on the number of animals one is allowed to have, depending on their income?


“Animal Hoarding FAQ.” ASPCA. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Dec. 2012. <;.

Summary: This article discusses the main issues with animal hoarding and what it does to the person and the reason they feel the need to hoard an abundance of animals. Most importantly though, this article discusses the effect that is has on animals when there are too many animals for one person to take care of.

Commentary: This article is important to the leading question because it is a main factor as to why there should be a limit on the number of animals a person should have, and the income they have to support those animals.


“Tales from the Pet Clinic.” WebMD. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Dec. 2012. <;.

Summary: This article goes over the statistics and facts of someone that is diagnosed as a hoarder. Not only that they have an abundance of animals but the fact that most of the time they are not able to afford and provide proper care.

Commentary: This article is useful because it goes into depth as to why there should be a limit on the number of animals one should have and only if they are able to provide proper care and housing.


“Five Reasons Pet Limit Laws Are a Bad Idea | The Best Friends Blog.” The Best Friends Blog RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Dec. 2012. <;.

Summary: This article discusses the fact that the city of los angels wants to up their number of animal allowed in households because they believe it will help lower the number of animals in shelters.

Commentary: This article was very interesting in the idea that this city is actually trying to increase the number an animals allowed in a household, no matter what the persons circumstances are, or if they can actually afford to have that many animals. I used this article as a source because I found it interesting that they are trying to pass this law without putting a lot of thought into it.


“Taking Liberties: WI Pet Ordinance Forces Homeowners to Choose — Your Pet or Your House.” The Blaze. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Dec. 2012. <;.

Summary: This article discusses a certain state that has an exstreamly strict law against the number of animals one may have in their household and if you go against these laws you will be charged a $100 fine every day that you are still over the limit.

Commentary: I found this article to be interesting because it does not matter on your situation or income; everyone must have the same amount of animals and are not allowed to go over. With this I disagree because if someone has enough money and space to properly care for several animals, someone without adequate space and income may have the same number.




  1. Krista buck

    Brittnie, I really feel like our two letters would go great together in this field! You brought up one good point that I didn’t bring up and that is that their are people out there that just have way to many pets for the amount of income they bring into their homes. To be honest I believe that if we were to group our questions together and actually sent a letter to someone that would be willing to work with us, that it could really go somewhere! I really like how you bring up that the pets never get checked up on after getting homes, because this is true with so many different places and they never really know if the family or person is ready to adopt yet or not.

    As for your actual writing, I think you did a really good job using unique words instead of boring words that would fit. I like that you get right to the point you are trying to make and that you use some really strong ideas to make your point very clear! Your research goes very well with your letter and its very organized looking!

  2. You did a great job writing this paper I to believe something must be done to help these animals and to stop the ongoing growth in animal population. Me and my girlfriend adopted two pups from a littler of 12 the owner of the mom of this litter forgot to spade the dog in time and she got pregnant so we decided to adopted two and they are a handful at times I couldn’t imagine be able to take care of any more than two and fully give them the attention they need. I believe if you’re not willing to take care of a pet the way it needs to be taken care of you shouldn’t have one let allow let it have puppies without have homes set for them. You say you would like limitations of how many animals you can have what do you think the amount per person should be when it comes to pets does it have to do with age, wealth or type of animal or all the above?

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