Talking More About the “Cry It Out” Method (by Glenda Lopez)

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  1. Cam

    This is a topic that I never really put much thought into (probably because I havent yet had a child). The issue is very interesting to me though, and I feel that there is a lot of backed research and evidence that addresses the needs for a child to be held, etc. One thing in particular that I liked about your post was the differing opinions between highly educated individuals on how to handle a crying baby. It almost makes you hesitant as to which you should believe. But then you address the concrete evidence supporting the benefits and needs of holding an infant, particularly skin to skin. I found this to not only make complete biological sense, but it also seems like something a mother or parent would do over letting it “cry out”.

    The paragraph that I found most fascinating is toward the end that discusses the “4th” trimester in a pregnancy, or several months after the baby is actually being born. This is a very interesting opinion, and I strongly believe that there is probably good supporting evidence and claims about how it can be greatly beneficial for an infants later development. Great post!

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