Is Obamacare Ethical? (by Arianna Wilson)

Bruce Goldberg

500 Summer Street, NE, E-20

Salem OR, 97301


Dear Bruce Goldberg,

I am writing to you as an Oregonian. I really appreciate your determination for getting a head start on Obamacare. I believe that having the healthcare system this way will be beneficial to many Oregonians and Americans.

Obamacare will cut the rising costs of healthcare, making it easier for the poor and the middle class to obtain it. A lot of people today don’t have health insurance, simple because they can’t afford it, and people are dying because they don’t get the proper care that they need. We have more than enough resources so people should not be dying because of healthcare being too expensive.

If you have a pre-existing condition, it makes it close to impossible to obtain healthcare. Insurers don’t want to pay the high costs for the care that they will need. And if these people do find someone to insure them, the expense will be more than double of the already high price.

I understand that some people don’t want to be forced by the government to buy insurance, but the government is already doing this. We are force by law to buy car insurance and homeowners insurance to protect ourselves, our belongings, and others. So there shouldn’t be such an uproar about the government forcing us to protect our lives even futher.

I believe that Oregonians will really benefit from Obamacare. I also think that they state should try to educate everyone about how the plan it going to work citizens don’t have as many questions and frustrations.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and I look forward to seeing any improvements in educating the state. I also look forward to seeing the new healthcare system blossom.



Arianna Wilson



Research Collection is Based on the Following Question: Is Obamacare Ethical?


Rojas-Burke J. ( 2012).” Supreme Court Health Care Decision: Get ready for mandatory

health insurance”. The Oregonian. Retrieved from Web. 30 Novemeber 2012.

Summary: The author talks about the fact that not everyone will be required to buy healthcare. An estimate of 40% of people who are uninsured will not have to buy healthcare. There are a few exemptions, like if you already have healthcare, or if the required healthcare would cost more than 8 percent of the household income. He also talks about the penalties of not buying healthcare if you do not have an exemption. The amount starts at 95$ in 2014 and goes up to 695$ in 2016. The annual premiums run from 4,500 to 12,500 and when the mandate kicks in the tax credits will help cover these costs. If your income is really low you might qualify for Medicare that until now, had excluded single adults that don’t have any children.

Commentary: This article has a lot facts on Obamacare. Not everyone will be forced to buy healthcare, and the people who do have to obtain it are going to be paying a very low rate for a big service. This act can really help our country, and help people get the medicine and healthcare that they deserve.


The Associated Press. (2012). “Former advisers to President Barack Obama seek health

care cost control”. The Oregonian. Retrieved from Web.  30 November 2012.

Summary: In this article they talk mainly about the costs of healthcare. They want to budget the healthcare system through limits on private and state spending, which would ultimately lower the cost of healthcare. A governor in Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, passed a law that pressured the hospitals and insurers to keep raising the prices only within manageable limits. His plan expanded healthcare to an estimated 98% of the state. Healthcare accounts for 18% of the economy and one fourth of the federal budget. Major public and private players in each state would negotiate payments with providers, such as the hospital.

Commentary: Obamacare closely resembles the plan that Governor Patrick passed. If this worked in one state, I feel that it should work with the whole country. It’s a very different way of going about the spending of healthcare but something needs to change within our system.


Souter, Patrick and Gurevitz, Jennifer. “Health and taxes: what Obamacare now means

60s employers”. Financial Executive. 2012: p54. Academic Onefile. Web. 24

November 2012.

Summary: This article covers a lot of information from the penalties that the uninsured will get, to how the Obamacare will affect businesses and employers. The most interesting part I read in the article is that people might not choose to buy healthcare until they need it because the penalty cost is less than paying for the healthcare.

Commentary: People are so against buying healthcare but it’s only because it will be a big change and people don’t like being told what to do. But when we buy a house, we are forced by law to buy insurance to protect it from damage. When we buy a car we are forced by law to buy car insurance to protect us from the costs of accidents, whether its damage to the car, ourselves, or others. So forcing us to buy health insurance to protect ourselves from the costs of treating any illnesses or any other admissions to the hospital doesn’t sound unreasonable or unethical.


Gaby, Alan. “Obamacare and My New Invention”. Townsend Letter. (2012): p110.

Academic Onefile. Web. 23 November 2012

Summary: This article talks about how Obamacare will help our society. It will help people who are unable to afford healthcare for different reasons, and it will also supply our country with more jobs. Also insurers will not be able to turn people with pre-existing conditions down.

Commentary: It is really hard for people with pre-existing conditions to get insurance if they don’t already have it. They get turned down constantly or the costs are outrageous. Obamacare will help all of these people obtain healthcare at a reasonable cost.


One comment

  1. Brittney

    I really appreciate your post. It is a very important and powerful topic that really needs to be addressed. I love that you can see how passionate and knowledgeable about Obamacare you are. I especially liked your point about educating citizens about Obamacare. This I think is the highlight of your essay. So little people understand Obamacare fully, myself included. Something so important should and needs to be understood be everyone.
    You really stand out in your research, passion, and topic. I would really like to read your other stuff. Because I have to critique, I would say that you could perhaps give more briefing on Obamacare and it’s impact so that people get the background.
    Well done, again.

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