Does Technology Isolate Us? (by Jeremy Robbins)

Isolation of Technology

The ever growing uses in technology today have led us to become very dependent on them, but did you ever think about how this has affected our interaction with others? We find ourselves not needing or longing for the face-to-face interaction anymore because of our technology, such as smart phones and tablets.  These items allows us to do everything from our homes causing us to no longer need to go to the bank to deposit checks, go to the store to shop for gifts or food because you can have them delivered straight to your door. All these uses allow us to isolate ourselves from the world becoming more and more dependent on the changing technology.  This isolation of using technology has also caused the communication skills of the society as a whole to decrease drastically in that last decade.

Face-to-face communication is very important in so many ways. One, “the sender cannot effectively project the elements of trust, confidence, credibility, and concern that are crucial to developing and building a relationship.” This is highly important because these relationships shape our society and the people within it.  If no one knows how to talk to employers or customers than what has our society become?  No one can build strong relationships over texting or the phone and this causes a huge problem, thus the reason that face-to-face communication is so important. Everyone needs face-to-face contact to really build the strong bonds. I implore you to take the time to have these face-to-face conversations to build the trust and relationships that are so badly needed. Or, are we to be doomed to have a society of isolated humans only interacting with others through technology to get by everyday in life never to truly build everlasting bonds with others? Technology has become a huge part of society, but do we need to let it control our lives and the relationships that we create? Are there ways to use technology without becoming isolated and allowing it to completely take over our lives? Can types of technology, such as Skype or Tango help with the lack of face-to-face conversations?  These programs allow people to see each other while talking and using the technology that we enjoy at the same time?  Will they help build stronger bonds or is it still a far cry from actual face-to-face conversations?


The Research Collection

Research Collection Based on the Following Question: What are the detrimental effects that technology might have on isolating ourselves from face to face conversations and human interaction?


Tom R. Tyler. “Is The Internet Changing Social Life?” New York University, Journal of Social Issues, Vol. 58, No. 1, pp. 196-197. Web 2002.

Summary: Tom R. Tyler talks about the pros and cons the internet is having on our communication skills when it comes to face-to-face interaction. He talks about how the use of the internet should help with communications with others more often but on the other hand, the ease of electronic communication may lead to weaker social ties and make it far more difficult to communicate with that person face to face

Commentary: I believe this helps the reader get a better point of view on both aspects of technology, especially when it comes to face-to-face interactions.


Stacey Hanke. “The Lost Art of Face-To-Face Communication” Article Web. 6 July. 2011.

Summary: Stacey Hanke’s  article “The Lost Art of Face-To-Face Communication”  really answers my question perfectly. She talks about how the use of technology is making it difficult to have a meaningful conversation because it is not face-to-face and that technology is allowing us to isolate ourselves from other people. She also talks about how through texting “the sender cannot effectively project the elements of trust, confidence, credibility, and concern that are crucial to developing and building a relationship.” Also because of the failure to convey in this way, a person will not be able to build trust, credibility, and understanding.

Commentary: This article gave me great insight into the negative effects of not having any type of face-to-face conversation when trying to build great relationships with others.


Seth Colaner. “Facebook to Reach 1 Billion Users by August” Hothardware. , Web 13 Jan. 2012.

Summary: Seth Colaner talks about how fast Facebook has grown in such a short time and how it will continue to grow.

Commentary: Social networks are one of the few ways we can determine how many people are really using technology as a form of commination. I think stating how many people use Facebook as an example is great because it will show the ever growing effect that technology has today and the possibilities of what it will have on society in the future.


Helena Zhu. “Too Much High-Tech Communication Bad For Business” Theepochtime., 7 July 2010 Web. Feb 3 2011

Summary: Helena Zhu talks about how technology has affected businesses both positively and negatively though emails and organizing videoconferences.  These aspects will help get the work done quickly but at a sacrifice of the quality.

Commentary: This article helps us understand that just because technology helps us be more efficient, it does not help us be more effective.



One comment

  1. Kelly Linn

    Great article written, I am very in tune with the loss of emotion and connectivity in face to face interactions ever since technology has made it easier to interact otherwise. My letter written was actually to show people how to use technology to their advantage but this also sheds light on a very important topic in how technology creates that gap between us.

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